Click here to watch an uncensored outtake from tonight’s new @midnight, featuring Paul F. Tompkins.

Oh, did you miss last night when PAUL FREAKING TOMPKINS (that’s actually what the F stands for), JOHN HOLY CRAP HODGMAN and GREG WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA PROOPS were all on @ Midnight TOGETHER!?!?
Don’t let your omission continue. Watch it now.
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I know a guy who loves chemicals SO much….he might as well be Walter White. Paul F. Tompkins on Paul Rust (who loves chemicals so much hemightaswellbeWalterWhiteoverhere)
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Voted Most Likely To Be Misunderstood By Peers.
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Technicality no down boo over?

Technicality no down boo over?

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Comedy Bang Bang Manifesto

Scott “the scatman crothers” Auckerman is a fact a conduit for the devil, sent to permeate our consciousness and overrule humanity.

Supporting evidence:

-The phrase “What’s up hot dog”: Hot. Hell is hot. Dog’s are bred to be human’s slaves. Hence, you are subliminally propagating us into satan’s hell army of dog slaves.

-You are married to Kulap Vilaysak. She hosts a show with Howard Kremer, who has a twin. Twins are evil and not to be trusted, just like the Loatians (which she is), who are known to be lead by Goos, a subhuman (sub: below [hell]) species.

-You are not of this time or space, because you are a Time Bobby, and therefore are to be under suspicion at all times.

-You have openly admitted on the show that you were part of a Voltron-type group of television show miscreants, along with Jason Mantzuokas, possessed by the devil, in search of world domination. More evidence of this “Voltron” being has been noted by Benny Schwaz.


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